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Fishermen’s heaven

The Batak Mountain is one of the places in Bulgaria which are the richest in waters. The dams and rivers offer perfect conditions for fishing sports. Here, there are fish belonging to 43 genera and 12 families. The Batak Reservoirs are home to the so called Balkan endemic species which can only be found on the Balkan Peninsula, such as the Maritsa barbel, Maritsa sturgeon, Balkan earwig, etc. This fact predetermines their huge ecological and environmental significance on both European and worldwide scale. The four state hunting farms in the municipality offer the opportunity for fishing tourism.

Hunting tourism

The forests in the Batak municipality are managed by four state hunting farms and a forestry board. They take care not only of the preservation of the forests but also of the game subjected to hunting tourism. These forestries have their own forest nursery-gardens, accommodation premises and administrative buildings and equipment suitable for carrying out activities related to lumbering and forestry. All forestries possess excellent hunting lodges suitable for the accommodation of foreign hunters visiting the area.

Ski tourism

In winter, there is a lot of snow – up to 65 cm in town and about 150 cm in the mountains. Snow lasts from 2 to 5 months. Winter is quiet and peaceful here, with the largest number of sunny days in Bulgaria. Around the Batak dam, there is the Batak ski slope, with a length of 1200 m and a 20 km-long track for ski running.

Tourist routes and sightseeing

In the centre of Batak, there is the complex including the “St. Nedelya” historical church built in 1813 and now turned into a museum-ossuary. The historical museum and ethnographic display are worth seeing, as well as the Holly Mother of Christ church built in 1912, one of the largest and most beautiful east orthodox temples in Bulgaria. In the vicinity of Batak, there are nine functioning chapels. Some of the old houses of Batak, such as the Balinova House, have been restored. Declared as historical and cultural monuments, they are worth paying a visit as well. Tourist routes can be organized to the areas of Dzhenevra, Beglika, Petrovo Bardo and Batashki Snezhnik peak.