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GPS coordinates:
N 41° 56.733
E0 24° 09.214

Eterno Hotel is located in the resort area of Batak dam, 5 km away from the town of Batak. Some 25km away is the resort town of Velingrad, Beglika dam is 20 km away, the dams of Shiroka Polyana and Toshkov Chark are nearby for all the fishing fans as well as the area of Beglika; Snezhanka cave is 16 km away. The hotel is located just below the vacation house of the Military Medical Institute (VMI vacation house).

The town is connected with the country only by bus. Regular bus lines run from Sofia, Plovdiv, Peshtera, Pazardzhik, Velingrad, Dospat and other smaller towns in the region.

There are a lot hunting for guests with hunting skills.

Batak Bus Station – phone 03553/2328